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Target New Movers in your local area!

Roughly 18% of People Move Every Year. Targeting new customers is essential.

Our New Mover Marketing program puts your local business in front of new customers looking for you.

Our New Mover Marketing program brings NEW customers into your business. New Movers make great New Customers, because they have NO established buying habits. Think of ALL the things you need to find after you move.

1. Start with New Movers - They don't have any established buying habits.

2. Invite them in with a great offer (see the Gift Certificate below)

3. Chat them up, call them by their name and make them feel special (their name is on the certificate)

4. Thank them with a Follow-up Postcard that we send on your behalf (2nd mailing increases loyalty)

*We also offer Postcard Marketing & Digital Advertising

Phone: 727-345-0811 x229
Primary Services
  • You would be the ONLY business of your kind in the package (lock out the competition)
  • You mail to zip codes, not zones (targeting your area)
  • This is a 1-Time Gift (not conditioning folks for discounts)
  • We provide full tracking, so you get a complete picture of your ROI (Return on Investment)

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Brittany Johnson

Director of Marketing & PR

David Siman

Vice President of Sales

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